Beets are up at last

Beets are my favourite. Fresh greens good in a salad or boiled like spinach. They don’t keep so you gotta eat em when they’re fresh. Nothing like it in the grocery store. Then so many rich red dirty-tasting beets. Good in a veggie bake. Good boiled and served with salt or butter or both. And good over wintered in pickled form.

And, finally, their firm little seed leaves have come out of the ground. High point of my day. By next week I suppose I’ll be thinning them. No other common garden seeds are like beet seeds – a gnarly little ball with multiple seeds clustered together. That’s why they have to be thinned. You never need to plant two beets in one area, unlike with other seeds. You’re going to get several out of one of those rough little balls called seed clusters.


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