I bought a new top for my final night of my dance class. We were going to go out as a group afterwards. Yesterday I tried on the all-black drop-sleeve t-shirt I bought the other day. I thought it was good to hide some arm-flab while still giving some ventilation for the heat and sweat that quickly build up in a dance class. But then I tried it on last night, didn’t think it looked that great. The sleeves should have been longer, but even short they kind of hung down limply. Was a cheap Walmart thing, so I went to return it. Not that cheap, almost $20.

Brought it to the return desk, and an almost-middle-aged female was there. She looked at it carefully to make sure it wasn’t worn. She said, “Sexy.” Sure, this limp black thing that was going to cover my arm-flab, but not that well, was sexy. Really? Well, it was my laugh for the day, just bizarre to find a store clerk telling me what I bought was sexy.





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