I was just trying to do my drudge-work. Listen to the headset and type out the words. But this drumming kept intruding. Kinda sounded like someone practising march-style drumming, possibly more than one person. But then a really fast electronic beat happened, followed by a drum drop. I figured it was the teen centre a block away.

The teen centre, just some fun activity to keep them from becoming juvenile delinquents. But why should I pay the price? I go there and talk to the blank-faced city guy in charge. “These events happen every few months.” Sure, but every day, some other person is making noise “for just a few minutes”. Rinse and repeat.

How about y’all just tone down the bass? I shouldn’t have to hear it 10-100 metres away! It’s that simple. Get outta my life. Stop harassing me. You’re like a stalker, all of y’all. Get a clue. Take a physics class. Physics, ya know, the science of physical materials and all kinds of waves, including lowly sound waves that you study before all the others.

Instead Mr. Cityguy turned my home into a prison. Stole 3-4 hours of my life so some teenagers could learn that making pointless noise and bothering other people is A-okay. The City of New Westminster, BC sucks with their attitude about noise.

It’s simple to turn the bass down. CityIdiot said the music would go to 730. Great! I don’t give a rat turd about the music. It’s the B-A-S-S that’s the problem. The physics of it, ya know? The broader considerations? Enjoy your teenage music activity. I do not much care.

The invasion of my space, the disruption of my work, the inability to be at peace in my home – all these I care about. A sound wave is physical. You’re touching me with it, you disgusting pervert. Get out of my body.

I couldn’t do my work. Quite often when these noise events occur, I can still feel the beat despite wearing ear plugs and a noise-protection earmuff on top of it. Needless to say, I shouldn’t have to do all that. Mr. CityJob and the City itself should just turn the bass down.

I hope y’all burn in a fire while suffering painfully from incurable cancer and seeing your loved ones tortured. Not that I have any power to make this happen; therefore, it’s not a threat. Just a curse.


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