Drop-sleeve sexy

Drop-sleeve sexy

I bought a new top for my final night of my dance class. We were going to go out as a group afterwards. Yesterday I tried on the all-black drop-sleeve t-shirt I bought the other day. I thought it was good to hide some arm-flab while still giving some ventilation for the heat and sweat that quickly build up in a dance class. But then I tried it on last night, didn’t think it looked that great. The sleeves should have been longer, but even short they kind of hung down limply. Was a cheap Walmart thing, so I went to return it. Not that cheap, almost $20.

Brought it to the return desk, and an almost-middle-aged female was there. She looked at it carefully to make sure it wasn’t worn. She said, “Sexy.” Sure, this limp black thing that was going to cover my arm-flab, but not that well, was sexy. Really? Well, it was my laugh for the day, just bizarre to find a store clerk telling me what I bought was sexy.




Bellydance glory

I went to my first bellydance show the other day. A lot of it was student stuff, including some tentative beginners who were clearly challenged in remembering all their moves. Good on them for trying.

One dancer in particular stood out for me above all the others, including the headliner. She reminded me a lot of a favourite other dancer, but a big difference is she’s local and I could take group classes with her at a reasonable price. The class season is just ending and a new one is starting, so it’s kinda perfect timing. Well, maybe I’ll do it. It’s a bit of a drive to get there.

So, one glorious moment and good for me in trying something new and even having a friend to bring along. I’m trying to find my peeps, as the saying goes – find people I can connect with and who like doing what I do. I don’t want to go to lots of bellydance shows so much as I would like to dance freely with other people. At my age, that’s not easy to find. Young people go to nightclubs, and old people mostly do the kind of dancing I’m not interested in. So, a moment of glory. Yay.