Pizza and Marijuana

Gotta say that marijuana is all over the place up here in the Vancouver area. When I used to live on an upper floor and have my windows open all the time, I’d wake up half choking to death with a cotton mouth from the stuff coming in the windows. I’m not a smoker. I’ve smelled it when I’m driving, coming from the car in front of me. The reek blows down the street quite often. And I’ve definitely seen people smoking it at a bus stop numerous times. Pretty sure people do it at work.

So tonight I got a pizza from the grocery store. I don’t do this often, so I have to read the directions. After doing that, I’m thinking people are smoking marijuana in the pizza factory office where they make the label. It says right on there, at the bottom, “Refrigerate or discard unused portion.” Discard unused portion? Sounds like an instruction for canning liquid or epoxy resin. Who the heck ever threw out unused pizza? Okay, probably not a pothead, and maybe they were using something heavier in that office. Something that kills your appetite. Perhaps meth or crack.